God’s Teeth Crowdfunder

There is a crowdfunder for God’s Teeth and The Interstellar Tropics to release a vinyl!

Basically we want you to pre-order the album so that we can afford to make the album.

There’s t-shirts and all kinds of goodies.

Check it out here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/solstice-by-gods-teeth

Also here’s a sneak peek at one of the tracks:

Radio / An EP / An Emperors EP

(this is gonna be a little bit of a splurge of things not covered before, as I attempt to get back on track with this blog)

I was on Mike Watt’s “The Watt From Pedro Show” talking about “Winter In A Void” as well as the new EP from The Emperors Of Ice Cream.
Check it out here:

I made an EP of low key nothingness and noises that is digital only:

The Emperors Of Ice Cream released an EP of new songs, but in live format, recorded back in February. 3 songs, 10 minutes.

Also I’ve updated a page for the “A Vision” EPs from the beginning of this year (that somehow missed this page).

Honest To The Blue / The Bubble Realities

So two archival bits have appeared.


The first is a video capture of Honest To The Blue, this was a generative audio-visual-poetic installation that showed at Runo-Koe at Third Space in Helsinki at the beginning of the year. I also did a talk about it at Nerd Nite in Brighton in January. The artwork is continuous and ever different but what we have here is a frozen and crystalised take on it.


The second is a DR:WR album entitled The Bubble Realities, this is something I was very proud of when I recorded it, circa Sept/October 2017, and had had plans to make physical copies of and to share in a wider way, but alas time constraints have probably put pay to that and I’d rather it was out there “somewhere” than lost on my harddisk.

I suppose it falls under some form of improv/textured/ambient vibe but it also doesn’t really feel like that to me. There’s live electronics, clattery improv with fx loops, manipulated field recordings – not even jostling for position but trying to get out of the way of each other. Some raw experimentation and down right blinking eye vibed manipulation and choices. I re-mixed it all, but with the same continual head space.

The three tracks are all quite different, Time Party 77 is a long drift of discombobulated percussion and tones, the most remixed but also the most down right improv of the lot. Ticks is a fairly straight up electronic noise pulse, this is the thumbing gristly of the beast. Chronic Outside is the ambient come down, some weird processes I need to return to make this one where I repeatedly hear things in there I’ve never heard before, a true space age moment of minutiae.


For 2018 I  have decided to output regularly, at home, and collect it all together.
This has so far resulted in a bit more freedom to follow the instinct without trying to hone it too far / as such some of this is a little raw / but it’s also allowing juxtaposition and experimentation / and it will grow and morph over the year.

Top 10 My Albums of The Year (2017)

Disclaimer: ridiculous self listing ahead

It’s been a busy year, I’ve become a father, had a day job to hold down and slept a lot less than I’m used to. And yet somehow I’ve still managed to make a ton of music. The thing is fatherhood, despite being beautiful and wonderful, is also amazingly inspiring, just watching a tiny person bloom. This massive rush of enthusiasm and love is combined with a sense of tiredness, of utter exhaustion, and the isolation that comes from not really going out or seeing people and this just leaks itself into a need to make music.
This here is an incomplete list of things released this year in some form and is in no specific order.
1. Sci-Fi Morality Play – DR:WR
This was recorded in the first month of parenthood, on paternity leave in snatched moments between random periods of sleep. Given that, it was surprisingly cohesive, almost tinged with accessibility. Mostly modern electronica with flavours of dub, ambient and noise. It was released on tape/download by Slightly Off Kilter Label.
2. o light; a lightness – Karl M V Waugh
This is an process based ambient album. I made it in the run up to becoming a father, partially as something I envisaged having to relax to. The centre piece is a single 33min synth self propelling system. I self released it afterwards and also made a video to the main track with generative hypnotic visuals.
3. Tetracube Brain Spangle – Dayglow Exploding Super Infinite
One of the heaviest things I think I’ve produced. It happened very quickly but with a singular aim. I made some horrible covers for a few copies in dvd cases which I gave away.
4. Bring Back Hanging – Binnsclagg with THF Drenching
Made from recordings from nearly 5 years ago, that were eventually handed to THF Drenching to remix, and God what a job he did, pulling out our best side and twisting it. A seriously strange sounding record. It came out on cdr on Chocolate Monk in edition of 48 with artwork by the amazing Karen Constance.
5. unearth patterns (for demonstration purposes only) – the sunset perspective
I was cajoled into doing an acoustic set on my 12 string and I kind of inadvertently counjured a new act by reintroducing songs. Psychedelic folk tunes with improv and drones. I recorded it quickly in one sitting and made a few covers. I’ve been imagining more of this so maybe one day.
6. Portal Dolmen – The Zero Map
This was recorded summer 2016, the first half is a mixture of studio jams and field recordings taken in Reykjavik, California and New York, the second half is a live set at the Bechdel night in Brighton. Both have a lushness to their texture. Released right at the beginning of January on very limited tape but also made its way onto iTunes and Spotify so is in some way the most available thing on this list.
7. [Studio Bootleg 19-07-17] – God’s Teeth and The Interstellar Tropics
One of the things I’ve been continuing with whilst parenting has been God’s Teeth, it can be a real ray of light in the endless round of work. We had an album last year but this year we haven’t got much to show for it so far, a few good gigs and a bunch of rehearsal tapes we’ve been keeping to ourselves, so we sorta leaked this thing to show something of what we’re upto. I really quite like it’s wild psychedelic ebb and flow. Expect more in 2018.
Some quite strange recordings I made in a hotel room with a hand held recorder on a work trip in late 2016. I eventually edited them and uploaded them as the one and only release of LOAF MEAT.
9. Our Shadow Day (EPs 1-3) – DR:WR
These are three late night computer jams, when sleep deprivation was still high and leading to a strange sense of time. It was meant to be dub but came out more like weird static echos of another world. I just stuck it up on bandcamp and left it, but i find myself returning to them as something wonderfully particular of a certain brain setting.
10. Weightless And Everywhere, Drizzled In Honey – Dayglow Exploding Super Infinite
Somewhere in the middle of the year I was feeling quite inert and a tad trapped, my daughter hadn’t yet started properly responding to us yet (I mean she was lovely but it has switched up a gear now) and I found myself quite beaten feeling. To try and remedy this within myself I knew I needed to make some horrible noise. I had a vision of what it was. I plugged in a broken mixer straight into a recording device and headphones and got to work. An hour or so later this was ready and I felt a lot better.

Honourable Mention:
Employees Of Ice Cream – The Emperors Of Ice Cream
This album isn’t out yet, and won’t be until some point in 2018 but it deserves a mention here. One of my main social events has been rehearsing about twice a month with this lot, preparing a batch of songs for recording. We went into the recording studio in November and captured the lot. I am already very proud of it. Expect awkward punk with garnishes of tunes and noise.

In round up, I realise how massively self indulgent this whole list is, like seriously! But it’s also to remind yourself that you are busy, you are successfully creative (in that I am pretty happy with my own creations) and to remember this to keep away the old black dog. It’s been a year.