Press Pieces

If you could record fog it would probably sound like the opening to Waugh´s “Self Pity”. But his planktonian particles proceed to become agitated, gather force, pick up a viola and molest it. As it rolls on, its momentum catches up and swallows it whole. But beautifully. A distant, booming bell tower chime is muted by fog on “Lost, Found and Buried in a Tree” by Petals, caught in a web of creepily capillaring radio static. A music box gets caught in the wheels of a bike as it travels over wet cobblestones. The air buzzes but keeps a still upper lip as the radio begins to zero in on its station. Curiously stately. – Avant Music News


Finest quality aural cartography of the neurotic mindscape and a cracking object to boot. Double 3″ CD-r is truly the format of champions and to mount it in a 7″ single sleeve is magical. All should be rushing to acquire one of these, or, if it proves no longer available, gratefully accepting a free download in consolation – Radio Free Midwich


Waugh´s own 5 Alarm Systems / Songs About Choir Boys, a complementary set of five “hard prosody” poems and a twenty-one minute sound collage disc that judders from domestic bliss to distressed Subcontinentalia, all stuffed into a standard, single pocket wallet folder.

The poetry – “vindicated on plain old english soil, ha ha” – is angry and funny, really enjoyable, but to be frank, this weirdo sound and improv lies outside the present reviewer´s comfort zone. However, Emblems of Cosmic Disorder is obviously a source that should attract the attention of true friends of (un)related things. – Avant Music News


Unit Karl MV Waugh mystery of working in three who have programmers, doctors, industrial designers, etc. improvisation musician, the title variety. Split cassette is like coming out of a place called Sunk Series in the past, but this is the first time a single name. Hypnotic improvisation deep sounds great in Ritual strangely that was mainly not look like the Chocolate Monk of the recent (?) Sustained tone. – Art Into Life (translated from Japanese by a computer)


Guitar improvisations, noise drones and crude collage work from this A Band member and one half of The Zero Map: vocal ecstasies ala a more digitally-correct Skaters through sustained tone works and sudden wormholes of vamping drone hysteria. – Volcanic Tongue


Slowly unraveling guitar improvisations, exploratory collages and noise drone panels sure to tweak the inner nipple of hedonists whose innocent pleasure centers around luxuriating in a cloud haze. Send a thank-you card to this UK improvisor, noise-maker, soundscapist, doctor of mathematics and computer programmer who is half of droners The Zero Map and industrialist Binnsclagg, and also performs regularly with the modern day incarnation of The A Band. – Tedium House


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