new release

new release from God’s Teeth And The Interstellar Tropics


plus a live video


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New Live EP from Dayglow Exploding Super Infinite

So this new EP live fragmentation is available:


also, an intrepid eye will notice all kinds of delights under “projects” – wherein you can peruse the different thangs that I’ve been upto under other guises.

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new video

a new 1 min film work


Thousand Of Holes Hundred Of Stars

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o light; a lightness

o light; a lightness



And full length video for the central track also on the YOUTUBE



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here is a recent ep

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New Album on Tape

“Future Glows” is a brand new album from Karl M V Waugh and you can get it on TAPE or on DOWNLOAD (or you can STREAM it if you really don’t want attachments)


It’s a proper thing, full album. It feels like one of the most complete and proper Karl M V Waugh album’s I’ve created and I’m very proud of it – and as such you should buy it on tape because that’d be well cool right? yeah?


there’s also a video


and I’ve added these to the Full Albums and to the bottom half of the Videos page.


There’s also an extra EP in the EPs page.


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New EPs in EP section + BOOK

There are 3 new EPs in the EP section of the site.


I also have a poetry book you can buy from either me (link pending) or from Amazon (UKUS)




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