o light; a lightness

o light; a lightness



And full length video for the central track also on the YOUTUBE




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here is a recent ep

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New Album on Tape

“Future Glows” is a brand new album from Karl M V Waugh and you can get it on TAPE or on DOWNLOAD (or you can STREAM it if you really don’t want attachments)


It’s a proper thing, full album. It feels like one of the most complete and proper Karl M V Waugh album’s I’ve created and I’m very proud of it – and as such you should buy it on tape because that’d be well cool right? yeah?


there’s also a video


and I’ve added these to the Full Albums and to the bottom half of the Videos page.


There’s also an extra EP in the EPs page.


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New EPs in EP section + BOOK

There are 3 new EPs in the EP section of the site.


I also have a poetry book you can buy from either me (link pending) or from Amazon (UKUS)




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Wall Hanging

A new video piece, an excerpt from a continuous unending video/audio program has been added to the video pieces page. The generative piece

Moreover, Interior Architecture a generative video installation with a live soundtrack & scents, which a group of us performed at Supernormal Festival 2015 and then again Splittin’ The Atom in Brighton has been uploaded with the audio from Brighton.

There’s also new things to investigate in the EPs and Misc section.

Wall Hanging (an excerpt)

Interior Architecture

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New pages, things

Updates have been slow/ my bad/ but there are many things online so I’m doing some good.


I have added 2 pages, one compiling ‘full albums’ that are on bandcamp and another compiling the ‘EPs’ – the distinction is kind of arbitrary but it’s there. This doesn’t necessarily include everything off of bandcamp either. Ha.


Importantly there’s this:

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recent things

3 Recent albums for download:

53 Minutes of Illumination For Ramsay Fagan
unnamed murk (coagulated detritus may 2014 – january 2015)

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