Two short videos from The Ice Creams

Two short videos / audio and a photo montage from a recent gig – the first views on these two songs which will shall be recording next month along with a bunch of others…

watch this space!




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The Puddle Foam EP & Blue. Singular.

Two new bits and pieces.


The Puddle Foam EP is a brand new EP of minimal drone noise.




Blue.Singular. (A fragment of honesty)


which is generative video and sound / and an early sketch from a forthcoming project “Honest To The Blue”.



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the sunset perspective

new psychedelic folk solo project ‘the sunset perspective’, deals in long trippy drone based songs. And there’s an album:

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Walking Idiom – a six hour piece of music

A 6 hour piece of music recorded in 2012. Now available on youtube.


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new release

new release from God’s Teeth And The Interstellar Tropics


plus a live video

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New Live EP from Dayglow Exploding Super Infinite

So this new EP live fragmentation is available:


also, an intrepid eye will notice all kinds of delights under “projects” – wherein you can peruse the different thangs that I’ve been upto under other guises.

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new video

a new 1 min film work


Thousand Of Holes Hundred Of Stars

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